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Tax Relief Providers LLC was founded to provide personal and business tax services for tax payers in all 50 States. With the IRS and State revisions allowing for tax payers to settle past due tax debt we felt that it was time for a company to be formed to handle the overwhelming need for these types of services. Tax Relief Providers has over 17 years experience working on the behalf of tax payers who have fallen behind and are overwhelmed by a tax burden. Tax Relief Providers was created to serve the needs of ALL taxpayers who needed assistance getting back on track. 

Our goal is to provide help and relief to anyone burdened by an overwhelming tax debt. We do this with Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism. We base our fee on the amount of work needed and NOT the amount you owe. We have settled cases where the tax payer owed over $100,000 and our fee was less than $1,000!

We provide you a powerful team comprised of the tax attorneys, enrolled agents and CPA’s qualified to protect your rights and assets. We guarantee our work, so you can breathe easy now knowing your tax problems will soon be resolved. We will work diligently to save you money and deliver legal protection.

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