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Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

A Tax Liability, owed to the IRS can be aggresively and efficently be collected from anyone who owes said Tax Liability. When this liability is owed by two persons, who in this case did so when filing their Joint Tax Return. Both of these individuals are liabile for their tax liability. It is important to note and understand that a joint tax return equally belongs to both parties and goth are held liabile to whatever they may or may not owe. This does not only include the initial tax liability but it also applies to the interest that accrues on it as well as the penalties that are related to it. If and only if one of the spouses can prove that they were not liable for the tax liability than they may be granted Innocent Spouse relief from the IRS. When you request innocent spouse relief, you can be relievved from all of the tax liability, penatlies, and interest. Then the tax, interest, and penalties that qualify for innocent spouse relief can only be collected from your spouse. But you must note that you are both responsible for paying any of the taxes that do not qualify for innocent spouse relief.

How do you qualify for innocent spouse relief?

1. You filed a joint tax return and your spouse gave incorrect expenses, which resulted in an underpayment of taxes.

2. At the time you did not know that there was an understatement off your taxes.

3. Innocent Spouse Relief will not be granted if the IRS proves that you and your spouse were engaged in a fradulent scheme to gain innocent spouse relief.

The IRS offers innocent spouse relief to spouses who have a clean tax record, but get married to individuals who owe the IRS money. This Innocent spouse relief means that the IRS will only fine the individual that owes the taxes. You may be elligible for innocent spouse relief if your spouse improperly filed his/her returns.

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