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What is Wage Garnishment?

What is Wage Garnishment?

    A wage garnishment, put in laymans terms is the process in which one's wages are required to be withehld by his/her employer for the payment of a debt. This wage garnishment  is a common practice done by the IRS to collect any unpaid taxes. This wage garnishment is usually a later step made by the IRS in an attempt to claim your unpaid taxes. More often that not if the IRS is garnishing your wages you should seek help from a tax relief company, such as ours.    

What happens before wage garnishment?

If a debt is unpaid as well as ignored, your creditor may go to a court and ask for a court order to garnish your wages to pay for the debt. When wages are garnished the money is taken directly from your paycheck and given to the creditor. Wage garnishment is a completely legal process and can be initiated by a simple court order in most states.

Can wage garnishment affect you if you are unemployed?

If you do owe debt and cannot pay it off, you are not excluded from the process of wage garnishment. Now your bank account can be garnished as well. This process could have your account frozen for a significant period of time and possibly even end up empty.

What can I do against wage garnishment?Wage garnishment help

Wage garnishment This is one of the IRS's most aggressive tax collection mechanisms and should not be taken lightly. The IRS would rather resolve taxes in a different manner but they will levy when they feel the have run out of other options. It is important to understand how garnishments work to ensure you take the appropriate actions to avoid them or stop the IRS from taking your wages. Once you receive your wage garnishment information, it is imperative you contact Tax Relief Providers. You must be prepared to provide all your financial records and past tax information. If you do not have this information, we will get it for you. After reviewing your financial situation, Tax Relief Providers professional specialists will determine your eligibility for an alternative agreement with the IRS. Most taxpayers are financially unable to avoid wage garnishments. You need Tax Relief Providers to negotiate with the IRS for alternative solutions, to protect you from escalating fines and penalties and, perhaps, loss of assets. We can help. Learn about how our services work to help with your wage levy. Understand the benefits of using a tax professional specialist when dealing with a wage levy. Call us today for a free consultation to talk with a tax specialist and get back on track to financial freedom. 888-877-1090!
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