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You don't need to face the IRS or State Agency by yourself.

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Tax Relief Providers can help you with your IRS, State, and Tax Problems. Tax Relief Providers has over 17 years of experience and proudly serve all 50 states. Call us today and we can negotiate a settlement for part of what you owe to the IRS or the State..

Tax Representation is a very powerful service you should use when you need to resolve your IRS tax problem. As you may have experienced, IRS agents can be very forceful when they are making demands on the taxpayer. They tend to be more lenient and more reasonable when they must address themselves to a tax professional, such as an Enrolled Agent (EA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or a Tax Attorney.

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    I was recommended by my husband’s business partner. We were stuck in a tough position. We began to lose hope until my husband’s partner explained his experience with TRP! Why not give it a shot! We called the very next day and everything was done through the phone so I did not have to travel or stress about contacting the IRS. I owed $75,000 and TRP settled it for 0. I was a client for an excellent business! Within months, our situation was solved. We can now enjoy life as a couple. Thank you Bruce for sharing the secret to a great company.

    - Stacy Moretti
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    I would like to take a moment to Thank Tax Relief Providers for helping me out of a terrible situation I had with the IRS. My business was audited for 2008, 2009, and 2010. I was told that I now owed them roughly $104,000 dollars in back taxes. I spent the next couple weeks looking at my options and calling dozens of Tax help providers only to hear that they wanted $4,000-$8,000 dollars to help me with my situation. Then one day I stumbled upon the Tax Relief Providers. I decided to give them a call and spoke with Stephanie. She explained all my options and what they could do to help me. Then I dared to ask what was the cost for their services. When she told me the cost which was well less then half of the other numbers I had gotten I told her to sign me up. Once the process got started she was in constant communication with me letting me know how things were going. Although it took almost 2 years it was worth it. I came to them owing like I said almost $104,000 dollars and they got me an Offer In Compromise settlement for under $12,000 dollars. They are the real deal and would recommend them to anybody that’s in the position I was in. Thanks again Stephanie and everyone on the Tax Providers Team.

    - Richard M. of Albuquerque
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    They resolved my situation by 99% less than what the IRS was asking for. I was ready to lose my home until I came across Tax Relief Providers, FINALLY a business who can help me. I was very edgy and stressed, my life became a nightmare, but Tax Relief Providers assured me to go home and have no worries. Then they called me within hours and told me I’ll have no more nightmares, we can HELP!

    They were wonderful to work with. I no longer have any stress. I can now live my life with a great deal of ease with my family. They were always on top of things, if I had a question it was answered and they stayed in touch with me as things moved forward.

    - Agnus S

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